Friday, July 10, 2015

App Update 0.6.0

OBDeleven PRO release offer!

Upgrade your OBDeleven to PRO version for only 9.99 €

PRO version will unlock these features:
 - Adaptations
 - Coding
 - Live data
 - Car history
Don't have OBDeleven app? Download here


  1. Any updates coming? Transmission module says "coming soon"
    Also, can improved access to Gateway coding be achieved?

  2. Great app by the way, working very well on my 2008 A4 B8.

  3. were can i buy full i am searching but i steel dont find the were a can pay for full program

  4. Just download the app and upgrade it to PRO via application settings..

  5. Hello. Im from Brazil. I tryed to download the Car Diagnostics App and de Play Store said: "This item is not available for your country." I have the Obdleven hardware. What I should to do?